No Chatter in a Long Bit on Timberhouse

I mentioned the Timberhouse project last month in an article about another new project proposed for the waterfront called the Trestle. Click here for that story.

Last year about this time the Columbian, Gramor Development, and other local biz buzz was all over this new CLT project planned for Block 3 called Timberhouse. The building is planning on using CLT or cross laminated timber for the construction. If built it would be the tallest CLT structure in the US and second tallest in the world. Of course the Trestle will be even taller but it is earlier in the development cycle. Or is it? The Timberhouse Talk has been almost non-existent this year other than a quote in a local newspaper from Gramor boss, Barry Cain suggesting it was coming along or something like that. Hmm, I not so sure. Block three is just sitting there, no activity at all.

I am kind of excited about Timberhouse, the project drawings show a building with a classic style. It has multiple wings of different heights and a series of architectural setbacks that harken to yesteryear, despite the structure featuring very modern building techniques and tech. I hope they can actually get this built.

One thing could be the production of CLT. It is a newish building material but on the plus side, Canadian Timber Products Giant, Katerra recently opened up its massive expansion in Spokane The 250,000 sf factory for CLT will help with demand for CLT products in the US.

In other news, condo sales continue to be reasonably brisk in Downtown Vancouver. I believe that long term values of existing condos could see an above average spike as the Waterfront should serve to draw people into the area. Most of the condo units going up in that $1.5 billion project are very high end units in the one to five million dollar range. That will make the units in places like Heritage Place, Frontier Block, Viewpoint, and Parkview very attractive alternatives. It’s a short walk from any of those projects to the new waterfront.

Things are looking fantastic for Urban Living in the ‘Couv’.

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