A little of that “buzz” is back

Things are still more or less shut down because the governor has decided to extend the stay home order until the end of this month. But the governor also made a few revisions and or clarifications that have allowed construction to resume on several downtown projects that were previously idled.

Condos were neutral with two new urban condo listings and two that went pending. People are still buying and selling condos downtown and in other urban neighborhoods in Vancouver.

Back to the governor’s decision on the stay home order. I personally am a bit disappointed that the governor feels he needs to extend the order another full month. I think there is ample evidence that this virus is not the “super killer” we were all worried about early on when it first swept into the state. The governor was in a tough spot because that thing ravaged a convalescent home killing some 50 people in a matter of days. That was some scary stuff. So the governor’s hard reaction is understandable. But a great deal of medical evidence and new facts about what COVID-19 is and is not have led us to a point where the governor could have softened things up a bit. There is a point where the person at the top of the political food chain has to make those tough choices which often include dangerous trade-offs. It is not easy being governor during a pandemic or other humanitarian crisis.

Where I feel the governor acted prudently with the first stay home order, now the economic crisis could outweigh the disease. The cure may kill the patient faster than the disease so to speak. Unfortunately our political climate is so dark and divided that often politicians do things that are harmful to the constituents just to spite the other side of politics. I do hope our governor hasn’t allowed that sort of lunacy to corrupt his thinking.

Anyhow real estate is alive and well in Vancouver and there are some great opportunities to live in the center of it all with an urban condo. Our shops and restaurants will reopen and things will return to normal at some point. Don’t buy into all this doom and gloom that world will never be the same again. Yes it will, this COVID-19 is as much a product of our media as it is a dangerous virus. It IS dangerous, so keep the social distancing up, but we will be back soon enough. This is not a world ending apocalypse, but if our state and national politicians keep over-reacting we may have an economic apocalypse instead. It is up to us to communicate with or elected officials in the state legislature to  let them know how we feel. Take the time to write a letter and mail it or email it to your state representatives. The governor is operating within his rights under the states emergency powers provisions so don’t believe the BS memes floating about social media. The legislature however can step in if the governor gets out of hand, so be sure your local rep knows how YOU feel whether you approve or disapprove of this extension. Put your two cents worth in, it matters more than you may realize.

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