Activity is up and it’s Mostly Good

The urban condo market saw substantial activity this past week with several pending and closed transactions dipping into the inventory levels. One new listing lasted just two days on the market. There were a couple of failed sales that canceled out some of the pending and closed units, leaving us relatively neutral on inventory for the week. With COVID-19 eroding the buyer base a bit, failed sales are likely to be a bit of a thorn in the side of Realtors® for awhile yet.

This again leaves us with the question about the government restrictions, when is enough, enough? In the news lately is the indications coming from Tesla that they will move their operations out of California to Texas. The final straw was a heavy handed beat down of Tesla from a local government, not the State, mind you, the COUNTY. Tesla is the largest manufacturing employer in California and one of if not these largest employers in Alameda County, CA. Now it seems that 20,000 well paid workers will lose their jobs or move to Texas. All over COVID-19. Let’s be clear here, Tesla was following the Governor’s policy and was cleared to open under those state mandates. Alameda County decided otherwise. California deserves everything it gets and so do we when we choose to follow the lunatics over the precipice.

Unfortunately for all of us both governors in Oregon and Washington tend to follow California rather than lead our states. If they don’t snap out of it, employers like Intel, SEH, Daimler, and others make seek greener pastures in other states. It’s not like Tesla is making a dirty product, they make electric cars for heaven’s sake. Yet California is chasing them away. We the people should always be very cautious when the government starts to trample our rights in the name of public health. When governors become defacto dictators willing to destroy the lives of millions in the name of saving a few thousand, one has to wonder if they have our best interests at heart. Don’t read me wrong, many of the COVID-19 restrictions both Governor Kate Brown in Oregon, and our own Governor, Jay Inslee have implemented are good for all of us, but some have been reckless and short sited. It is akin to amputating the arm of a patient with a small patch of skin cancer on one finger. I only seek to have our elected officials be prudent and measured in their response. Sometimes it has been thoughtful and others it has meandered away from common sense.

I tweeted out to Tesla that a great site for a Tesla factory is right here in America’s Vancouver. The site of the old Alcoa plant at Terminal 5 is ideal for a car factory with Terminal 4 already set up as an auto import site, the reverse for export is just too easy. The Port of Vancouver USA also recently made excellent improvements to the rail yard serving Terminal’s 4 and 5. Terminal 5 is practically tailor made for Tesla.

These trying times can be opportunities for local and state governments to do a great service to the people. They just need to stop following California off the cliff of despair and actually LEAD.

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