Cleaning House at Urban Living

This pandemic has us all in a bit of a slow-motion with things moving a bit less frantically. That has given me some time to get things organized and on this site I have managed to start cleaning up some pages online. Some of the listings in the various buildings sold a while back and were cluttering up the active listings so I spiffed that up a bit. I eliminated the bullet point listings and switched to a more manageable chart that is easy for you to read and easier for me to keep organized. Take a look at some of the changes by opening up the pages for individual condo projects.

Some new listings were added this week against a couple of pending sales to once again keep things more or less the same from a supply and demand perspective. Well price units move fast and overpriced listings linger. Just like normal 🙂

Restaurants will be able to open in limited fashion starting next month according to a plan release by the Governor’s office. That is a promising start to reopening this economy and getting people back to work and feeling confident.

Did you know that today is the 40th anniversary of the most violent volcanic eruption in recorded history? Yes that lovely snow capped peak that lurks in the background of many Vancouver skyline views got rather angry on May 18th, 1980 with an eruption that destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres in a matter of seconds and trimmed the height of the mountain from 9700 feet to about 8400. Mount Saint Helens is an active volcano and it is likely we see some more action in the coming years. the last significant eruption was a little over ten years ago.


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