Urban Condos in the ‘Couv’ Unfazed by Virus

On this Memorial Day, let’s take a moment and consider the men and women of our armed forces that have fallen in defense of the nation over these 244 years.

COVID-19 has taken buyers out of the market but it has taken sellers out as well so the whole supply-demand metric remains about the same. This past week saw more tightening in inventory and a steady stream of qualified buyers. Only one new unit was listed and it sold in three days. This week saw a net of -4 to inventory. Even a Tidewater penthouse unit went pending at $3.1 million after a mere 13 days of marketing.

Yesterday I was out at the waterfront around sunset and the area was crawling with joggers, walkers, and families enjoying a nice day on the water. We have not yet opened our restaurants up so all the store fronts were closed, yet the crowds flocked to the area anyway. People are tired of being copped up inside and it shows. Sure many if not most of the peeps out and about were donning masks and groups appeared to keep their distance from other groups, so that was pretty nice to see. But warmer days and late sun will bring the people out.

Clark County was eligible to start Phase II early until a COVID-19 outbreak occurred in a local food processing plant that gave the governor pause. What is it with food processing plants and COVID? Anyway we went two steps forward and three steps back it seems.

Work seems to be progressing well on several larger projects around town including the Vancouvercenter 4 apartment tower, Al Angelo’s mixed use office/apartment building on Mill Plain, Kirkland Tower condos, Indigo Hotel, and The Columbia on block 20.

On another note: The Columbian reported that Vancouver is leading the state on census participation and that is a good thing. Be sure to fill out the census form it is easy and fast especially the new online version. This information is used to help fund a variety of important projects in the area and also helps determine the level of representation we receive in Washington DC.

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