What’s The Coolest Urban Residential Project?

Nothing like a totally subjective topic right? There are some really cool urban residential projects recently completed, under construction, or currently in process in Vancouver. Six months ago I would have had little trouble picking the “coolest” urban project in the pipeline.

It would have been the Timberhouse project that was proposed for Block 3 of the Waterfront. That was a 12 story multi wing building made from Cross Laminated Timber. I think CLT is an excellent alternative building process that is better for the environment and less expensive than traditional concrete and steel structures. That is a rare opportunity to actually do the “green thing” and spend less doing it! But it seems that CLT may be suffering some setbacks with regulatory entities or something, because several large CLT projects quietly died both locally in Vancouver and in Portland as well.

Timberhouse Drawings

Timberhouse was recently replaced with a more traditional 5 over 3 eight story project currently named “The Third.” That project is currently under government review. Although it looks like a very nice project it will be similar to Riverwest on Waterfront Block 8 completed in 2019 and The Columbia on Waterfront Block 20 which is almost topped out.

The Columbia Project is right on the river with an open patio area on the second floor looking over the park and river. It is reported that an infinity pool will reside on that patio area giving the illusion of water falling into the Columbia. That’s pretty cool.

No discussion of ‘cool’ residential projects can go without a nod the Kirkland Tower which is nearing completion on the west end of Block 4 at the Waterfront. This condominium tower will feature luxury units that are likely to be well into seven figures. Kirkland has leased office space in The Murdock office tower for a sales office. The 12 story tower will have a lobby and common areas on the ground floor while sharing three levels of underground parking with the Hotel Indigo next door. Floors two through eleven will feature the homes and the twelfth floor will have a common area clubhouse, rec room penthouse with an rooftop patio. The owners in the building will also have access to many of the hotel amenities including the room service from the kitchen.

With Timberhouse replaced I think Kirkland is winner as the coolest project. I look forward to touring units when the project is completed at the end of Q1, 2021.  

Meanwhile the local resale urban condo market continues to produce positive results. New inventory is coming in at about the same rate as sales close so things are steady. 

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