Ho Ho Ho… Vaccines on the Go

The FDA has not only cleared both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but distribution has begun. Although it will take several months to get the vaccines distributed in large enough numbers to create what doctors refer to as herd immunity, the light is clear and bright at the end of this dark tunnel.

Restaurants and pubs all over the Downtown area just need to hold on a bit longer and the raging hordes of the hungry and thirsty shall return. 2021 should also bring an additional 1000-2000 new residents to the Downtown core as several large mid-rise and high-rise residential projects are nearing completion or recently completed. This will provide a extra punch of business for businesses that have struggled under COVID-19 restrictions for nearly a year now.

The following residential projects are likely to have a positive impact on local Downtown business in 2021 and beyond:

  • Prestige Development “Ed Tower” 5 floors, 25 units, Q3 2020
  • Prestige Development “Dollie Tower” 5 floors, 21 units, Q4 2020
  • Holland Partner Group “Coen” 7 floors, 118 units, Q4 2020
  • Cascadia Development Partners “Aria” 7 floors, 127 units, Q1 2021
  • “VW 10”, 2 blgs 4 floors ea, 96 units, Q1 2021
  • Kirkland Development “Kirkland Tower” 12 floors, 40 units, Q1 2021
  • Jackson Square Properties “The Columbia” 7 floors, 248 units,  Q2 2021
  • Al Angelo Co “Mill Plain II” 6 floors, 44 units, Q2 2021
  • VHA “Residences at Arnada” 2 blgs 4 floors ea, 83 units, Q1 2022
  • Ginn Development “WXV” 4 floors, 60 units, Q1 2022
  • “Johnson Mixed Use”, 3 floors, 10 units, Q2 2022
  • Cascadia Development Partners “Hudson West” 3 floors, 50 units, Q3 2022
  • Hurley Development “Bennett Apartments” 3 floors. 74 units, Q3 2022
  • Marathon Development “Aegis” 2 blgs 6 & 5 floors, 140 units, Q4 2022
  • “Jefferson Street Apts” 4 floors, 68 units, Q4 2022
  • Summit Development Group, “The Third” 8 floors, 227 units, Q4, 2022
  • “The Broadstone” 7 floors, 177 units, Q1, 2023
  • Summit Development Group “Aegis II” 2 blgs 6 floors ea, 206 units, Q2 2024
  • Gramor Development “Block 16” 14 floors, 80 units, Q4 2024

I’d expect about 719 units to hit the Downtown/Uptown market by next summer and that alone translates to about 1200-1300 new residents. Another 1175 units are under construction or soon to break ground which will add close to 2000 more residents Downtown over the next couple of years. All these new people will push millions of dollars into the Downtown economy. After a bleak pandemic filled 2020, we are no doubt ready for some good news in 2021.

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