A Closing Look at 2020

2020 has been a year of crazy politics, a worldwide pandemic, and just a year I figure most people are happy to see end. Here in the urban core of Vancouver USA a fair bit of work got done in spite of all the disruptive events. Here’s a look at some of the progress made in Vancouver USA for 2020.

  • January – Hurley Tower, 6 story office condominium building completed.
  • January – Vancouver begins the process of opening up the “Waterfront Gateway” area to development. Expected development to begin in 2022-23
  • February – The 250′ tower crane supporting the Kirkland Tower and Indigo Hotel projects on Block 4 at the Waterfront comes down. Kirkland Tower, 12 story 40 unit condominium tower, Indigo Hotel 138 room 8 story hotel.
  • February – A tower crane is erected to support the Waterfront Block 20 project, “The Columbia” a 7 story 248 unit apartment building with 2 floors of underground parking. Jackson Square Properties, developer. Expected opening in Q2, 2021.
  • March – Governor Inslee locks down construction and real estate.
  • April – Governor Inslee eases restrictions on construction and real estate.
  • July – Tower crane supporting the Aria apartment building is removed. Aria is 127 unit 7 story building on West 6th near Esther Short Park being constructed by Cascadia Development Partners. Expected opening in Q1, 2021.
  • July – Alliance Vancouver presents designs for review of Broadstone project for Block 17 at the Waterfront. A 5 over 2 7 story building with 177 apartment units. Likely ground breaking in Q2, 2021.
  • October – Tower crane erected to support Block Ten project, Holland Partner Group, developer, Two towers over a full block 2-3 story podium of parking and ground floor retail. 4 floors of office and 5 floors of apartments. Expected delivery in Q4 2021.
  • October – Tower crane erected to support the 7 story AC Marriott hotel project at Terminal One.
  • October – 12 story Timberhouse CLT project officially replaced with 8 story traditional build 5 over 3 for Block 3 at the Waterfront. 227 apartment units. Summit Development Group. Likely breaking ground in Q1, 2021.
  • November – Holland Partner Group completes Tower 4 at Vancouver Center. Named Coen, 7 stories, 118 apartment units over base of retail/restaurant.
  • November – City Council considers revisions for MFTEP program over concerns of income disparity.
  • November – Work begins on renovation of Vancouver Landing at Terminal One. A new public space and improved support for cruise ship arrivals.
  • December – Aegis at the Academy Phase I in final approval process. Two buildings of 5 and 6 floors with 140 apartment units and some retail. Likely ground breaking in Q1-2021.
  • December – Timberhouse / The Third in final approval process, 8 stories, 227 units, Block 3, Waterfront. Likely start Q1, 2021.
  • Leading into the New Year: More than 700 new residential units under construction with mid 2021 delivery another 1175 in the immediate pipeline for later delivery in 2021-2022.

Vancouver had a damn solid year all things considered and I look forward to seeing more activity in 2021.

Happy Holidays.

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