Will 2021 Mirror 2020?

Condo inventory tightened a bit over the past week. High end units at Tidewater including one at $3 million closed. Are these people waiting on Kirkland Tower? We shall certainly see in the next few months when that project is complete.

2020 by most accounts was a year many would like to forget. But the COVID 19 pandemic is not a forgettable event. This virus has managed to kill more than 400,000 Americans making it one of the worst we have seen in our nations 240 plus years. But the overreach of the government in containing this epidemic cannot be overlooked either. It seems the new administration in Washington DC is no better than the last one regarding scientific data. They seem to be ignoring the medical science and dictating national policy counter to the prevailing facts and more in accordance with the special interest groups that gave them power.

I do hope that our governor will stand up to an increasingly aggressive federal government regarding what is best for Washington State. This is not a political blog nor am I condemning one political party over the other. In fact I believe that neither the previous President, nor our current President has followed the medical facts about this virus. It’s all political and it is not helping Washingtonians of any political affiliation.

Governor Inslee may not be President, but he is in charge of Washington State and he does not have to “Bow before Zod” to the President. Superman II reference fully intended 😉 Governor Inslee can choose to do what is best for Washington State. Another year of lockdowns is not in anyone’s interest and whether one voted for the Governor or not last November, he was a least smart enough not to order COVID patients into nursing homes leading to the unnecessary deaths of thousands like another governor did last year. The Governor should weigh carefully our options for dealing with COVID 19 in 2021 based on science not politics. That is sometimes hard for politicians to do, but Inslee has a brand new four year term. Let’s hope he follows the science and not the will of special interests. Inslee is a vastly better Governor than either Governor Brown in Oregon or Governor Newsom in California. To Governor Inslee I write this: you are a better Governor than either of the other two West Coast State Executives, so stop following the fools to the south and take the lead, you have the chops to get it right, just do it.

I bring this up because I do not think our state can swallow another lockdown year like 2020. I do not think the people want it, nor do I think the economy can take it. So much good stuff was happening on the approach to 2020 and I think that momentum is still there, but if 2021 mirrors 2020, all of it will die.

Although this site is dedicated to the events unfolding in Vancouver’s urban core, the pandemic has had far reaching implications to everyone the country, not just the success of the waterfront and Downtown, but the very lives of every one. I have disagreed with the Governor on some of his COVID 19 policy, but I also realize that there is tremendous pressure on the office of the Governor to get things right. The  constant misdirection coming from the CDC with their 180 degree turns on recommendations, certainly has not made his job easy nor the jobs of our local health officials. Let’s not forget that these officials are literally making policy decisions that could either save thousands of lives or lead to thousands of deaths. I do not reccomend or endorse vilifying these people because you disagree with their decisions, this is difficult policy to enact. But I do believe it is possible to open 75% and still offer maximum protection to those most at risk by following the medical science. There is significant scientific evidence to support this notion and practical proof in several foreign countries as well as some states here in the US.

Your voice should be heard and you should send an email to your elected officials at the state level. Every Washingtonian has two state legislators and one state senator and they are far more accessible than your federal elected representative. The states have the power in this pandemic, not the feds. We the people of Washington need to communicate to our elected reps, so they know where you stand. We have some excellent state reps in both political parties here in Clark County reach out to them and be firm but polite and professional, they will listen.

Our local elected State Legislators:

District 17: East Vancouver (east of I-205), Brush Prairie, Mount Vista

  • Senator Lynda Wilson: lynda.wilson@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Vicki Kraft: vicki.kraft@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Paul Harris: paul.harris@leg.wa.gov

District 18: Felida, Salmon Creek (W of I-5), most of non-Vancouver Clark County

  • Senator Ann Rivers : ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Brandon Vick: brandon.vick@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Larry Hoff: larry.hoff@leg.wa.gov

District 49: Downtown, Port of Vancouver, Hazel Dell, Heights, West of I-205

  • Senator Annette Cleveland: annette.cleveland@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Sharon Wylie: sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Monica Stonier: monica.stonier@leg.wa.gov

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