The Aria Begins Leasing and Tidewater Condos all Sold

The Aria, taken earlier this month, ready for occupancy first week of April, 2021

Cascadia Development Partners has completed another large and stylish apartment complex. After significant success with the Uptown built in 2018, the have completed another project, The Aria just west of Esther Short Park. I will be doing a tour of this latest mid-rise apartment project mid week.

Although the project is listed as a six story building it is actually seven. The “first” floor is actually two story townhouses sitting under five floors of apartment flats. I think this project will fill up nicely. It is just three or four blocks tot he Grant Street Pier at the Waterfront and half a block to Esther Short Park. Rents will likely be more reasonable than the two current projects on the Waterfront. These unit will offer some views of Downtown and the Columbia River and local Cascade Mountains.

On the condo scene, I noticed that every Tidewater condo listed in the last few months is now pending sale or closed. There are no active listings at Tidewater Cove right now! These are expensive condos ranging in price from $1 million to $3.5 million. My gut tells me that some of the equity from this activity will end up in Kirkland Tower when those luxury high rise units arrive to market sometime before summer this year. This is exciting stuff. I’ll report back next week on the Aria for those of you considering a nice urban apartment.

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