The Springs Inches Closer to Reality

The Vancouver Business Journal reported news that confirms Barry Cain’s comments last month that the Springs Living will start construction on the 12 story senior living tower in early 2022 with an estimated completion in 2024. The updated architectural drawings show a beautiful building that steps up from 6 stories at the street to 9 stories midway and 12 stories on the waterfront side. This project is planned for block 18 direct east of the nearly complete Columbia apartment building that should wrap up in the late summer or early fall.

The 500 Broadway building that houses the Frontier Block Condominiums on floors 5 and 6 suffered damage in the lobby, first floor and basement after a pipe burst. Some homeowners may have had minor damage to goods stored in the basement lockers. Frontier Block is a lovely condo project with spacious units offering solid views of either the urban Vancouver skyline, Columbia River, or high Cascades. There are currently no units listed in the building but I have it on good authority that a unit or two will be listed in the next few weeks.

The urban condos in Vancouver saw similar activity over the last week as we have seen all year. Things are still tight as far as inventory but buyers remain cautious on pricing. Overpriced units will sit while well priced units are quickly snatched up. This runs in contrast to the overall market where overpriced units still see strong activity. That may change as the spring rush of listings intensifies.

In other news Washington State is scheduled to be fully open by June 1 according to the latest from the Governor’s office. That is good news so lets hope we can put this COVID-19 nightmare behind us and move forward continuing to make Vancouver USA the best compact urban city in America.

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