Busy Week in the ‘Couv’

Today of course is Memorial Day where we as a nation honor those that lost their lives on the battlefields defending America. We should all take a pause and think about how this world may have looked had Hilter won in 1945 or the Soviets had come out on top in the 1990s. Many people have died to protect our world and they deserve remembrance. And so I do remember them.

Last week saw a fair bit of activity from major projects to individual condo transactions. Things are buzzing along nicely as we approach the warm summer months. Dosalas restaurant opened this weekend taking the entire floor of the Jean building above Wildfire right on the Grant Street Pier. The restaurant has a south Florida vibe that permeates the space and then menu is a broad latin cuisine with influences from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, and the Caribbean. This is a must try spot and its location is one of the very best on the waterfront.

A fair bit of condo activity as a few units came to market and were immediately snapped up as well as a few pending and closed sales. The urban condo inventory tightened for the third straight month. In the broad real estate market countywide, I am seeing signs of much needed inventory relief. Homes are popping up but not quite fast enough to satiate the hordes of buyers, so prices may still remain firm as the busy summer months arrive.

The Broadstone now named “Broadstone Claro” has fully erected the tower crane on Block 17 that will support the seven story project over the next 18 months or so of primary structural build. New architectural renders were shown in a Columbian article last week. The construction should see rapid change now that the crane is operational.

This building will likely have very limited views from the day it opens as the 12 story Springs Tower directly south on Block 18, will begin construction around the new year. The vibe I am getting from this project is that it will be very nice, but perhaps not quite as ‘plush’ as the Columbia nearing completion kitty corner on Block 20.

Phase one of the new Aegis project just west of the historic Academy building took a big step in their construction erecting the tower crane base that will become the 4th active tower crane in the Downtown area. I have been very excited about this project since its original proposal a few years back. Many locals were concerned, and rightfully so, about the impact on the historic Academy building that was erected in 1873. I feel that the developer, Marathon out of Wilsonville, OR has done a great job tying the project aesthetically into the campus and in the end it eliminates the ugly parking lot that it replaces. Marathon is also pushing through the second phase of the project that will be ever slightly larger and will include significant structured parking.

The Holland twin tower project on Block Ten Downtown is nearly topped out as is the AC Marriot Hotel on Block D at Terminal One. Those cranes likely have about six to eight months before they come down. There is a chance that Downtown Vancouver may have eight cranes operating simultaneously by the first of the year as the Springs, Hurley’s Washington Street Apartments, and the two Terminal one towers on Blocks A and C are likely to be underway as well. I do not think Vancouver has EVER had eight tower cranes at once.

I have been receiving inquiries about the Kirkland Tower and at this time I am still waiting for pricing and availability on those units. The 12 story tower should be open sometime this summer, possibly towards the end of August. I would expect details very soon.

So goes another busy week in America’s Vancouver things are still rather robust and with the Governor reducing restrictions to the best levels since the pandemic began let’s hope Summer 2021 is as awesome as I think it will be.

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