The Heat Is On!

These last two days are the hottest days on record in Vancouver. Who would have ever thought 115º could be a thing in the ‘Couv’. Well it is a thing and it managed to shorten he work day for every construction project in the area. Most of the time during these heat waves, the workers just come in at sun-up and work until it is just too hot. Today it was “too hot” around 10 am when the mercury was already tickling the century mark.

The condo market saw a typical amount of activity this week with a handful of closings, pending and new listings. If you are looking for an opportunity to buy something with a some choice in market, Northwynd could be an ideal spot to look. The location at Columbia Shores is close to Downtown and has easy access to the waterfront Renaissance Trail. Northwynd consists of 2 and 3 story townhouse style condominiums ranging in price from $275k to around $400k. These offer a fair amount of space for the money but the layouts are a little tight due to the multi-floor approach. Footage runs between 900-1400 SF typically.

Aegis now has their tower crane fully operations and that project should rise up quickly as there is no underground parking to support the two buildings. Over on Block 3 at the Waterfront the former “Timberhouse” project is underway with a giant hole being dug out to support their subterranean parking structure. The AC Marriott is fully topped out, that crane may be down in a few weeks. I feel like they have made good progress on that project.

All in all the building boom continues in America’s Vancouver.

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