Downtown has Five Cranes Up

It will be brief, but for a few days the city skyline included five active tower cranes. Today will mark the end of that as Holland Partner Group is disassembling the crane supporting the Block Ten Project as I write this. Tower cranes are the mark of large and or tall projects that often have positive economic benefits for the community. I wrote an article about the impact of building booms on Vancouver in ‘The Couv Life’ this morning, check that out, here.

The latest crane is supporting the Timberhouse project on Block 3 of the Waterfront. That project is not a CLT design anymore, so I presume a name change is forth coming. Any way that will be the second largest single building apartment house in the city behind the nearly complete Columbia on Block 20. Columbia has 248 units and Timberhouse will feature 227 units. Timberhouse will be a tad taller with eight floors above ground rather than seven.

I have no further word on Ryan Hurley’s Washington Street Apartments. That project cleared the CCRA a few months ago. The one story building that has housed Boomerang Therapy for a long time is scheduled to be razed to make way for the full block 6 story 177 unit building. I will operate under the presumption that the tenant lease is being honored prior to demolition. Hurley has done a nice job already cleaning up that lower Downtown section that has been a bit blighted and overlooked during both building booms. Columbia Street is now the primary gateway to the Terminal One redevelopment so it makes sense that a renewal in the 4 block approach would be underway as well. Hurley Development seems to be leading the way.

Things continue to improve as more development brings more opportunity for small business and for locals to enjoy the area.

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