Activity Levels Remain High

RMLS listing picture

Downtown and the Waterfront continue to see robust levels of construction activity. As I reported last week, the Indigo Hotel and Kirkland Tower project is very near complete. Occupancy in the 12 story condo tower is expected Q4 this year and the hotel will likely open a bit earlier than that. I will be attending a “hard-hat” tour this week to get a better feel for these amazing units. The first unit in the Kirkland Tower showed up on the MLS recently. It is one of the two 11th floor “penthouse” units. This one 3056 squares with 3 beds and 3.5 baths. The views from that unit should be nothing short of spectacular.

Progress on the Block 10 project downtown seems to be moving a bit faster than some others. Perhaps Holland Partner Group is using their deep experience in building urban projects to overcome the supply chain issues plaguing so many projects here and across the country. It just seems that two tower building is ahead of the pace of other projects with similar start dates. Kudos to them.

The Yard, Milkshake Bar opened on the Waterfront recently to what has to be excellent reception. I got my first taste on Thursday afternoon. It was buzzing in there but I still was able to order and get my prize in about 20 minutes. However on Sunday under gorgeous skies and big crowds the wait after ordering was 60 minutes! That place is cranking out 18 dollar shakes and 14 dollar ice cream treats like ice cream is a ticket to the promised land. The waterfront continues to provide amazing opportunities for small business ventures to succeed. The pedestrian pathway between the Murdock building and Redivia apartment building was packed with patrons enjoying Ice Cream, wine and light meals and amazing coffee. All of these small restaurants and wine tasting venues are taking a little pressure off the marquee restaurants at the Grant Street Pier so getting seated is a little easier in those places. They are still busy, but just not so busy you can’t get a seat. The Waterfront continues to be an overwhelming hit with the community and remains the best urban city neighborhood in the metro area.

The urban condo market saw light activity with pending and closed sales outpacing listings yet again. There are still units available and the pricing seems to be stable for now.

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