Kirkland Hard Hat Tour Yields Impressive Insights

The north facing view from the 12th floor roof top garden

I participated in an agent ‘hard hat’ tour of the Kirkland Tower on Friday. The building is 90% plus complete and it does look very impressive. The tour included a peek inside the adjacent open atrium Indigo Hotel which is pretty sharp as well. I picked up a few nuggets of info along the tour.

Kirkland Tower is listed as a 12 story building with a lobby and some retail on the ground floor and floors 2-11 in condos and 12 as a community penthouse. That is all true but there is a full height mezzanine level between floors 1 and 2. That means it is quite likely any unit on the 8 floor of higher should clear the rooftop height of the new ‘Timberhouse’ tower across the street. The tower crane supporting the Timberhouse project is visible in the foreground of the photo above.

The units will feature individual HVAC systems rather than a building wide system, which is unusual in this type of structure but gives the condo owners more control over the interior climate system. These units are filled with full height glass walls on the exterior and that makes them brighter than any condo unit I have seen in Vancouver High-Rise or otherwise. Even the north facing units are light and bright!

View from 8th floor over the river.

The rooftop penthouse/patio is spacious and features a community kitchen, clubhouse, and fitness center. As promised the glass wall extends up to the patio on the roof providing a wind break from those often contemptuous winds. There is also a community garden area for residents to plant flowers of vegetables on the roof.

The representative for the builder says this will be the first project of its type in the entire metro region. Portland is working on the Ritz Carlton tower that will also feature a similar condo arrangement with a hotel – condo symbiosis like Kirkland. That tower is not likely to be complete until at least 2023.

Check the Kirkland Tower condo page to see they have released 3 listings to the MLS. The tower reports that 40% of the units are in contract so I would think that Kirkland should be most pleased with the success thus far. Keep in mind the units facing the Columbia river are commanding a large premium but the units facing Downtown Vancouver also have excellent views. Some of the Downtown side units even have some Columbia River views as well.

The Kirkland Tower and Indigo Hotel should be ready for occupancy in Q4 this year. So just a month or two to go. It turns out that the “Sky Lounge” now Called the “Witness Tree Lounge” as an homage to the historical tree that once lived nearby, will be both and 8th floor indoor lounge with outdoor patio AND a rooftop lounge as well. It will have 2 levels according to there from Kirkland.

Condo market looking about the same this week with a few more listings and about as many pending and closed. Inventory remains tight.

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