More High Density Infill and Another Viewpoint Op

Recent pre-application proposals have appeared on the City agenda for high-density infill development Downtown. I like this type of project as it maximizes land use in the urban core. The latest two projects are both fairly close to each other but appear to be different developers.

  1. Regan Mixed-Use is a 5 story building proposed for a 4000 SF lot that currently features a house converted to offices for a Bond Agency. This is an ideal use of available land and fits in with our growing urban core. the pre-app suggests 12 residential units over office.
  2. 9th & Daniels Mixed-Use is a 7 story urban infill proposed for either a single 4025 SF lot or two adjacent lots totaling 8247 SF. In either case another example of vertical integration of available space. This is labeled as mixed use and I would bet that residential is part of that mix. Perhaps some retail and or commercial office as well.

I have posted a map of the Esther Short neighborhood that comprises the Downtown and Waterfront areas color coded to show projects in their various phases including potential development spots. The 9th and Daniels project listed above is located on one of those “potential” development lots. These smaller projects will add density to the core that brings jobs and residents to boost the urban economy as well as enhance the city vibe.

Vancouvercenter 3 with Viewpoint on floors 8-11

It has been more than three years since I saw two listings active at the same time in Viewpoint. Downtown’s tallest condo tower offers four floors of condos over seven floors of offices. A stylishly remodeled unit was listed over the summer at $969,900 on the 8th floor but the ‘South Florida’ theme inside may not be exciting the local buyers as that unit remains for sale. Meanwhile last week, a competitor arrived on the 10th floor with a better SW view. This one looks to be well cared for but mostly original. The price is right being listed at just $870,000. Both units have two bedrooms but the more expensive unit has an extra 1/2 bath and 200 more SF. The only high-rise alternative in Vancouver for condos is the newly minted Kirkland Tower on the Waterfront. But units above the 7th floor are larger and much more expensive than these two Viewpoint units. That said, Kirkland Tower is the premier Downtown address and as such will command much larger prices. Viewpoint is a great opportunity to experience high rise living in a building that was once the talk of the town. All of the other condominium buildings in the city center are in shorter mid-rise towers with 4-7 floors.

Positive progress continues to advance Vancouver’s status into a satellite city for the region as opposed to a bedroom suburb of Portland. Vancouver is a strong competitor to Portland for urban residential development, office jobs, and manufacturing. No other city outside of Portland in the entire metro area can deliver a Downtown urban opportunity like Vancouver, USA.

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