Late Spring Snow Won’t Slow the Progress

Many of us woke up to moderate snowfall with accumulations well above 2 inches. I got about 4 inches in East Vancouver where the snow continues to fall despite temperatures in the mid 30s. This will all washout in a day or so and any constructions delays as a result will not impede on getting the structure done on schedule.

The Columbian newspaper wrote an article about the Block Ten mixed use two tower project opening soon. They are set to start leasing residential units in the Columbia Street tower with anticipated move ins starting in June. The office tower facing Washington Street will begin occupancy with award winning urban developer, Holland Partner Group moving in in May after years on the seventh floor of Main Place.

More news is circulating around the replacement of the Interstate Bridge. Tolls are likely, and they are working out tolling as part of the equation. There is also some climate and ‘equity’ issues being worked out which is likely to get contentious at times. My only concern is the aesthetic. Oregon will not care one bit what this bridge looks like. As I have said many times, one need only look at the crap hole conditions on Hayden Island to see that it is essentially the bastard stepchild of Portland. We however here in Clark County and in particular Vancouver, are heavily vested both privately and publicly in the entrance to our city and state as well as our grand new waterfront. A monolithic concrete structure will be ugly and degrading to our local waterfront and downtown areas.

I just don’t see any strength in the City Council to fight for an aesthetically pleasing structure. I can already hear the whiny little twits in Portland not wanting to spend a couple of million extra on a multi billion dollar project to add some eye candy to the bridge. We must scream it to the high heavens. A little faux cable motif with some LED lighting will add a pleasing look to what is otherwise a gigantic overpass coming across the river. This thing will have a roadway deck 8 stories off the streets so it needs to have a little style.

No one on the city council nor the Mayor has shown any signs of sticking up for Vancouver’s best interests on this matter. We need strong leadership on this because the ugly POS they have been showing us, would be with us for a hundred years if it is built! It’s times like this I miss Mayor Pollard, the five term former Mayor would not stand for a degrading structure that is destructive to all the private and public entities investing in our future here in Vancouver. I have not heard a peep out of any council member or the Mayor about the importance of a pleasing aesthetic on this new bridge. That is bordering on dereliction of duty. Vancouver’s council is beginning the smell a lot like Portland and Vancouver voters need to think about that in November.

3 thoughts on “Late Spring Snow Won’t Slow the Progress

  1. Alyson

    I too miss Mayor Pollard. Instead of maintaining the integrity of the historic downtown area we’ve allowed ugly cubism to invade our newest city structures. That said, there is a bridge just north of Dublin, Ireland that would be very easy on the eyes, if it would work structurally. It’s located near Drogheda and is called the Bridge of Peace. Here’s a link to several photos of it.


  2. I too miss Royce Pollard. Years ago the downtown neighborhoods were quite clear about maintaining the integrity of the history of Vancouver in our urban area. The newer structures with the brutal, cubist look is not attractive in my opinion. That said, as for the proposed bridge, there is a suspension bridge just north of Dublin, Ireland near Drogheda. It is called the Bridge of Peace and is quite pleasing. I wonder if this style would be structurally appropriate?


    1. Suspension bridges are really lovely but they are typically used in situations where there is significant elevation above the waterline. Also they are quite expensive to build. But a faux motif can be done that simulates that look for a very reasonable price.


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