This Summer could be ‘Boomin’

I reported earlier that construction is underway on the 12 story Springs Living project on Waterfront Block 18. That is a large project, easily the largest thus far at the Waterfront. It isn’t the height that makes it a big deal, in fact it will be substantially shorter than the Kirkland Tower on Block 4 wrapping up next month. It is also a tad shorter than both proposed high rises on Blocks 1 and 2. This project is however going to cover the entire block, the largest block in the entire waterfront development at 1.29 acres. The block has an irregular shape and the new building will follow that shape making the structure itself unique among all projects thus far proposed for the neighborhood. This is a very nice bit of architecture we will see rise up over the next two years.

A great deal of new development is about to break ground over the next few months. LPC West is tasked with erecting the new Zoom Info HQ at Terminal one covering both blocks A and C. Word on the street is they intend to break ground this summer in Q3. This will consist of two high-rise buildings separated by a public space and connected by a skybridge. It is a nice project and the east building will also follow a curved path to fit tightly on the irregular shaped Block A.

For a bit it looked like LPC West might break ground first, on the more recently announced Block 1 and 2 project at the Waterfront. Both of those lots were abruptly cleared of all construction trailers and related equipment. Block 2 is totally vacant and Block one is being used as construction parking. I have not however, heard any rumors of a groundbreaking on that multiple high-rise project taking place before Zoom Info. It just appeared that way based on the physical status of the blocks in question. We shall see how that plays out.

LPC West has become a significant player in Vancouver’s urban real estate over rather short period of time. Not only did they land the Zoom Info deal a large 350,000 + square foot development, but they quickly created the solid two block proposal for the Waterfront, mentioned above. They also recently won the Master Developer award from the City of Vancouver to run the development of the future ‘Gateway District’ along the north side of the railroad berm.

Next month should usher in the grand opening of the Holland HQ and attached apartments at Block Ten Downtown, The Indigo Hotel, and Kirkland Tower. Later this year or very early in 2023 we should see several other urban projects finish up including the first phase of the Aegis project at the Academy.

It’s not just luxury apartments either. Adding to Vancouver’s already impressive count of income restricted urban developments, there is Jefferson Street Apartments, Residences at Arnada, and Miles Terrace; all three are designed for lower income and working class residents and the former opened last month, the latter two will open next month, and in Q3 respectively.

Economic diversity is a critical part of a successful urban community. Urban communities need to offer services within a short distance to create the city vibe, and counter dependance on personal transportation to thrive. In order for all that commercial services infrastructure to function, housing to support entry level and mid level service sector workers is invaluable. Those workers that provide the services that attract affluent residents can participate in the experience of the community, not relying on a long commute. Living and working in the same neighborhood can be a wonderful experience. This is especially true when that neighborhood is a desirable spot to be like Downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver absolutely deserves some serious kudos for providing that opportunity with well over 1000 units of income restricted and affordable apartments in the city center and hundreds more in the pipeline.

I’ve added a new page to track Vancouver over the rest of this decade, Vancouver 2030, click here.

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