Happy Birthday USA!

Yes it is the fourth of July and that won’t stop the condos from changing hands… well they won’t change hands today 😉 Activity continues as it has over the last several weeks with new inventory outpacing sales. That said inventory levels are still fairly tight but the trend is suggesting that soon buyers will have some breathing room.

Hurley is underway with the new 6 story 186 unit apartment building taking up the full block at 4th and Washington. The excavation work for the Springs Living 12 story project on Block 18 is at least halfway done, perhaps a bit further and a tower crane to support the project will likely rise up this summer. Zoom Info’s new twin high-rise project will likely start construction in the next few weeks as that site on Terminal One blocks A and C is all prepped to go.

The Waterfront and Downtown should remain busy over the next few years as these funded projects start construction. OK that’s it for me, time for BBQ, Fireworks, and other assorted Independence Day classics.

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