After Several Weeks of + Inventory, Shrinkage Last Week.

Yes inventory spent the last several weeks growing for what looked like a new trend in Downtown Condos, but last week saw a return to the ‘squeeze’ with a 3:1 ratio of pending sales to new listings. I think this is likely more of an anomaly as the Greater Downtown condo market is a fairly small sample size. Wild swings in direction can and do frequently happen with concentrated target data like this.

Meanwhile on the Waterfront the former location of Barlows Public House is now open as The Waterfront Taproom. The Barlow’s brewery on Mill Plain changed hands a couple of months ago and now the space where the Pub was overlooking the Grant Street Pier above Twigs is open again. There is no connection apparently between the former Barlow’s brewery now called Vice Beer and the new Waterfront Taproom. I really liked that space Barlow’s had so I look forward to visiting the new establishment which opened this past weekend.

I will be adding new content on this site called: Vancouver’s Urban Architecture soon, be on the look out for it. Vancouver has a broad range of architectural styles dating from well back into the 19th Century to the latest modern designs. We will explore some of the more notable buildings over the next several months.

Our city center is already one of the hottest urban neighborhoods in the Metro Area and has been launched in to stardom as a tourist spot with cruise ship landings, multiple urban hotels, and scores of new restaurants and shops. It is hard to beat the combination of big city vibes with small town charm that seem to merge seamlessly in Vancouver’s urban core. That’s is a rare gem combo that many cities covet and we have.

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