What’s Going On Underneath The Cranes?

Just a couple of news bits before I dive into the title query. Very few transactions in the urban core this past week but that falls right into the post holiday norms. Kirkland had another closing so there is only about a dozen units yet to close. Time is growing short for your chance to live in the most premium condo tower in the region. Check out the ‘selection’ here.

Last week I posted a poll for the best coffee in the city center area and we have some votes trickling in. I’d love to see some additional input but so far Relevant in Uptown and Kafiex Roasters on the Waterfront are tied for the lead. I know there are more coffee lovers out there. Place your vote here.

If I have success with this coffee poll, I intend to expand to breweries, pubs, restaurants and other city center attractions.

OK now on with the title story. Some of you may be wondering what the projects are underneath all these tower cranes downtown. Well most of the projects are represented on various pages right here on the site, but here is a brief synopsis of what’s going on beneath the cranes.

Adera Apartments. 400 Washington Street. Hurley Development is building a 6 story 180 unit building with underground parking. This project will cover the entire city block bounded by Columbia Street to the west, 5th Street to the North, Washington Street to the East, and 4th Street to the South. Some of these units will be townhome style with street access and classic stoops. This project is just now peaking up above the street. It features a type 1 concrete base with five additional levels of type III wood frame above. It should be complete in the next 12-18 months.

ZoomInfo HQ. Terminal One Blocks A & C. LPC West is developing the twin office tower project to house the successful local tech firm. This project is on two blocks starting at the corner of Columbia Street and Columbia Way. There will be two towers of ten and nine stories each with a stepped public court yard and an eighth floor sky bridge connecting them. The west tower will feature five levels of above ground structured parking as well as south facing retail underneath five levels of class A office space. The east tower will have the same five levels below with four levels of class A office space above. This 365,000 SF project is now rising up above street level and is large enough to require not one, but two tower cranes to support it. The all type one construction towers will likely complete sometime in 2025.

The Springs Living. Block 18 at the Waterfront, Columbia Way at Waterfront Way. This very ambitious project will have twelve floors above ground and three levels below. The large building will have 250 units housing seniors and offering substantial levels of elder care. The facility is expected to be a top of the line experience and is a bold addition to the Waterfront. The type 1 construction project is aiming for completion by mid 2024.

Broadstone Apartments. Block 19 Waterfront Way at Boise Place. This is a companion project to the just recently completed Claro on the adjacent Block 17. The building is very similar to the seven story type 1 under type III wood frame development next door. There is a slight design variance between the two but this new project features the same two level type one parking structure above ground with five levels of wood frame apartments above. Both buildings will have some retail / amenities on the south facing portion of the building in front of the parking garage. This building will likely complete in Q1 or Q2 of 2024.

So there is the list of what’s underneath those five cranes Downtown. A sixth crane is operating at 192nd and Brady for a condo/apartment project at the exciting new Columbia Palisades development.

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