Academy Square

Academy Square is a complex of buildings from the 1940s that have been converted to condos. This is a lovely little complex that takes up a city block in North Downtown. It is an ideal spot for those willing to give up the modern features of newer buildings for a bit of a price break and a less dense environment. See my Community Review: Community Spotlight: Academy Square


Aegis Phase I and II at build out

The Aegis at the Academy project will come in two phases, the first of which is likely to break ground in the first half of 2020. This first phase of the project will not have a severe impact on the Academy Square development, but will add some increased pedestrian traffic but not likely much vehicular traffic since the current use of the property is parking. The phase two portion will have some visual impact as it will likely cast a shadow in the winter time that effects the amount of light reaching the Academy Square block.

Updated 10/18/21: Both towers of Phase I at the Academy are well underway with a tower crane operating over the site. The north tower is built up to 3 of the six floors while the south tower is still working on floors one and two. This first phase of the Aegis project will have a nominal impact on the Academy condos. Phase two will run the length of the block potentially casting winter shadows over condos.

Updated 2/14/22: Both Aegis Phase 1 towers are topped out. Tower crane will likely come down in the next month or two. CCRA is reviewing the Phase Two project for the north side of the development on 2/17/22. This should be for final approval with a city staff recommendation to approve.

Updated 3/20/23: Aegis Phase one is nearly complete, these units will likely begin leasing this summer. The final parcel that will allow Aegis Phase II to start was closed last month. Phase II should begin construction soon. This phase will have a larger impact on Academy Square than Phase I particularly in the winter. It will however clean up the dingy looking parking area that was a bit of an eyesore.

Units listed for sale as of Monday 

Unit Beds Baths SF MLS Number Price DOM MLS Status
1209C 1 1.0 517 22412509 $260,000 62 Sold
308D 1 1.0 517 22404376 $251,500 43 Sold
308C 1 1.0 517 22053123 $270,000 22 Sold
1209B 1 1.0 517 22681626 $262,000 12 Sold
306C 1 1.0 517 22693871 $266,990 19 Sold
310D 1 1.0 517 22251182 $274,999 17 Sold

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