Kirkland: Waterfront East

Vancouver developer, Kirkland Development is planning a sizable project and complete redevelopment of the 3.5 acre waterfront site just east of the Interstate Bridge. This is the site of the former Joe’s Crab Shack that didn’t survive the pandemic and Who Song and Larry’s restaurants that appears to be alive and well.

Although this project is not part of either the Waterfront or Terminal One it is adjacent to Terminal One and a short walk to the Waterfront Area. This project has been in the news a couple times over the last 18 months or so and now it is slated to be presented at least in part to the CCRA on April 15th, 2021.

Kirkland plans to propose a complete rebuild of the boardwalk that had to be closed due to being unsafe. Fronting the new boardwalk (likely a concrete structure) will be retail / restaurant space with Who Song and Larry’s as a possible tenant. Behind that would be two large high rises with residential and commercial space. I say large because the proposed square footage is pretty grand at some 300,000 SF. The buildings themselves look to be 12 stories tall in the preliminary concept rendering, but reports have been suggesting they will be 8 stories tall.

I’ll continue to follow the progress of this project as more news is released.

Update Summer 2021: the City approved the plans to rebuild the ‘boardwalk’ on the renaissance trail in front of this project. this was part of the developers plans. Things seem to be moving forward on this project.

Update 11/5/2021: The pre-application hearing is set for the 18th of November for the entire mixed use project. The plans have changed from two mid-rise towers to a larger single mid-rise tower.

Image from The Columbian.

Update 8/13/2022: Kirkland has updated their application for the full development of this site with new renders. This looks like a fantastic project. The former Joe’s Crab Shack building has been demolished and work is underway repairing the boardwalk. No work on a groundbreaking for the primary structures.

What Kirkland Waterfront East might look like…