Viewpoint at Vancouvercenter

This is the tallest building in the Vancouvercenter complex with the first 7 floors in Class A office and the top 4 floors built out as luxury view condos. And what a view these units have! Viewpoint was completed in 2004.

There are plans for a *10 story residential building, (plans changed see below) to rise up to the south completing the vision of four towers at Vancouvercenter. That building however is unlikely to rise up above the 8th floor of Vancouvercenter 3. There is also a possibility that the developer will scale back the structure if they can not get the light gauge steel structure seismically approved. In that case a shorter 6 floor tower will go up and there will be no effect on the views at ‘Viewpoint.’ Updates to the status of these other projects will be posted below.

View from east facing 11th floor unit

Keep in mind when considering an 8th floor south-facing condo that the views could suffer a partial or complete blockage if the 10 story structure goes as planned. The 9th-11th floor should be unaffected as the new building will be short enough to stay below the ninth floor of this building.

There is also plans for a mid-rise building to cover all of Block Ten to the north. All of the plans I have seen thus far are for structures with less than 8 floors so views to the north appear to be protected as well. The good news continues as that structure is planned to feature a grocery super market which is about the only thing missing in lower Downtown. I did a community review, here: Community Spotlight: Viewpoint at Vancouvercenter


Updated 9/19/2022, Block Ten is complete both towers filling up with tenants.

Updated 6-15-2021, Both Block Ten towers topped out, photo to left is view from 8th floor looking NNE 

Updated 1-28-2021, Vancouver Center 4 tower is complete and leasing. Construction is well underway at Block Ten with a Tower Crane operating and the podium structure rising above street level.

*Updated 10-30-2019, Vancouver Center Tower 4 will rise 84 feet off the street on the south elevation, that should equate to about 78-80 feet off the street on the north elevation, All Viewpoint Condo units are unaffected.

*Updated 9-30-2019, Holland has scaled the office tower back to effectively 6 floors. This should have little to no impact on north facing units in Viewpoint.

*Updated 8-19-2019, additional details regarding Block Ten, the building will cover the entire block but will have two separate towers that rise above the 3rd or 4th floor, these will be the 11 story office tower and a 7 story residential tower. This will effect North facing views at Viewpoint but not as severely as previously planned. 

*Updated 12-18-2018, Plans for Vancouver Center 4 are scaled down to 6 floors, southern views at Viewpoint will be unaffected.

*Updated 12-12-2018, Plans for Block Ten are now at 11 floors. This will likely effect the views of north facing units in Viewpoint.

Units Listed for Sale as of Monday:

Unit  Beds Baths SF MLS Number Price  DOM MLS Status 
1123 2 2.0 1834 22110242 $1,190,000 15 Sold
928 2 2.0 1285 22542190 $739,000 38 Sold
926 1 1.0 829 22542418 $480,000 19 Sold

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