Duds and Deals

Here is where I take a look at the offerings in Urban Vancouver and issue a proclamation! Is it a ‘deal’ or a ‘dud.’

A “dud” is likely just overpriced and not a “bad” unit. A price reduction could quickly turn a dud into a deal. Duds generally have had a long marketing time well above the current norms. Do not view duds as a bad thing, but rather an opportunity! Long marketing times can often make sellers anxious to cut a deal.

A deal on the other hand is a unit that looks sharp, is priced well, and should sell faster than the current average marketing time. These are often units in which the seller is motivated to close quickly. People moving out of the area for career changes, or estates and such. Buyers should respond quickly to these units as they may not stick around long.

It is important to make this very real disclosure, I have not necessarily been inside all of these units and my opinions are just that, “opinions.” These units are listed on the multiple listing service and should be toured to make any serious evaluation. I do however have a fair amount of insight into these urban properties and their competition. I have sold and toured scores of units over the years and quite recently as well.

Any unit I call a “dud” should still be toured with a licensed pro, and if you do tour it and think I am off base on my “opinion” please send an email to dudsndeals@rodsager.com and tell me why I’m wrong 🙂

That said lets look at some of the units currently listed in the MLS and for the record I will mention if the unit is listed by me for fair disclosure and I will not mark a unit a dud if I have a competing unit listed in the same development.

  • Parkview: 1 bed, 1 bath, 428 SF MLS #23659904 $239,900 DEAL! This one bed unit is priced well and its 7th floor location allows it to get a little more precious daylight in between the six towers all clumped together nearby. This unit faces east which offers only a peek-a-boo view between those towers. But the price allows for entry level buyers to get the feet wet Downtown and Parkview has a rather envious location fronting Esther Short Park.
  • Viewpoint: 2 bed, 2 bath, 1338 SF MLS #23017089 $825,000 DEAL! This unit is a deal for a couple of reasons. First its corner location at the SE corner offers excellent view opportunities and it has a view that should endure for decades. High Cascades volcanoes are visible on clear days and the Columbia River view is a daily enjoyment. The last unit on this floor to sell was about 6 months ago and it had a SW corner view. It was a dated unit with a mostly original interior. This unit has been generously updated and I think the SE view is better personally although they are close. I feel that the other unit sold too cheap, it was listed as a “deal” when it was active. Getting a unit in the new Kirkland Tower at this height and size would be a $1.8 to $2.5 million dollar experience. This unit is a deal!   
  • Northwynd: 2 bed, 2 bath, 1485 SF, MLS #23389258 $520,000 DUD! I hate calling someone’s home a “dud” especially when I have not been inside. However the problem I have with this unit is it is labeled and marketed as a view unit but there is an active development going in that will almost certainly eliminate the view. So long as buyers understand that the view is likely to be eliminated and they still think the unit is worth the asking price, then it is not a dud at all. I feel the price and the marketing are reflective of the view having a price influence. Well the market smacked me in the face as this unit went Pending in just 4 days. Not a Dud it seems. 
  • Viewpoint: 2 bed, 2 bath, 1834 SF, MLS #22110242 $1,190,000 DEAL! This is a very nicely updated unit in Vancouver’s tallest condo tower. The 11th floor home offers excellent views over the top of all but a few buildings in the area. River views, mountain views, and urban cityscapes are all in the equation. Viewpoint features secure underground parking with deeded spaces. Location right in the heart of Downtown the views in this corner unit are to the South and West. Viewpoint units do not come on the market often so now is the time to write it up! SOLD!
  • Shorewood: 2 beds, 1.5 baths, 1236 SF, MLS #22183567 $265,000 DEAL! This is a spectacular price for a very spacious unit in Shorewood with some nice updates. Shorewood is an older development but it has held up well and this unit has a covered patio with a peek through the trees view of the Columbia River. Shorewood has a covered indoor pool that has a retractable roof, plus all the amenities of fitness and recreation. This should go fast so don’t hesitate. SOLD!
  • Village at Columbia Shores: 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 1350 SF, MLS #22044292 $1,500,000 DEAL! A million and a half dollars may seem like a lot of money, but these Village townhouse condos don’t come on the market often and this one will likely be pending in a week or so. The last time a townhouse unit came to market in this development was back in 2021; it sold rather quickly as I recall. These are condominiums but they are laid out like townhouses and include an attached garage and large patio that overlooks the river. They sit right on the water looking out unobstructed to the Columbia River. So let’s go write it up! Seems like I might be off the mark here, or the unit isn’t getting enough marketing, it’s still active.