Duds and Deals

Here is where I take a look at the offerings in Urban Vancouver and issue a proclamation! Is it a ‘deal’ or a ‘dud.’ It is important to make this very real disclosure, I have not necessarily been inside all of these units and my opinions are just that, “opinions.” These units are listed on the multiple listing service and should be toured to make any serious evaluation. I do however have a fair amount of insight into these urban properties and their competition. I have sold and toured scores of units over the years and quite recently as well.

Any unit I call a “dud” should still be toured with a licensed pro, and if you do tour it and think I am off base on my “opinion” please send an email to dudsndeals@rodsager.com and tell me why I’m wrong 🙂

That said lets look at some of the units currently listed in the MLS and for the record I will not rate any units listed by me personally, those would all be ‘deals’ right 😉

  • Parkview: 1 bed, 1 bath, 584 SF, MLS#19590880 $219,900 DEAL. This little unit is on the second floor and faces the park. It is a deal because of the fact it has that forever view over the park and at this price it is hard to beat.
  • Frontier Block: 2 beds, 2 baths, 2186 SF, south view, river, MLS#19319982  $699,900 DEAL. This unit has been listed for a quite a while but it started out up in the $800k price range. That is a tough nugget with near Tidewater pricing and the competition from the “top of the world” Viewpoint units. But now the price is under $700k. At that price, Frontier Block at 500 Broadway for a unit this nice is too good pass up. 
  • Tidewater Cove: 2 beds, 2 baths, 2052 SF, MLS#19579272 $979,500 DEAL. I may take some heat for a $980k condo showing as a “deal” but ride this one out for a moment. This unit is very nice but it is a little bit dated inside with most of the original 2002 kitchen in place. It is spacious and it is in one of the two east facing buildings that deliver a delicious view of the Columbia River and Cascades including Mount Hood. Most of the units in these buildings at Tidewater are well over $1 million and a few are priced in the $2.5 – $3.5 million range. Those are larger 4000 SF units, but none the less they are nearby. Buying a million dollar unit in a 3 million dollar neighborhood is usually a “deal.” SOLD
  • Village at Columbia Shores: 3 beds, 2 baths, 1328 SF, MLS#19598167 $468,500 DUD. I like Columbia Shores, it is a lovely neighborhood and the ‘Village’ is a nice project. I may be missing something with this listing but the comments suggest there is a “view of the river.” None of the pictures show said view and I see it is a first floor unit which lends me to think any view is at best a peek-a-boo view since the town homes are two and a half stories tall and line up in front of the condo towers. Not sure I see how this unit is $100,000 more than the competition in the same building. PENDING well perhaps I underestimated this unit it is pending sale and a bit faster than average marketing time kudos to the listing agent!
  • Shorewood:  2 beds, 2 baths, 1151 SF, MLS#19376280 $239,000 DEAL. This unit is a deal, nice view of city lights and the Columbia River at this price, has to be a deal! There is a caveat or two. No inside laundry and it is a bit dated, the building was erected in 1972. Kitchen is updated and that’s nice. HOA includes indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc. Shorewood is a great place. SOLD!
  • Heritage Place: 2 beds, 2.5 baths, 1663 SF, MLS#19601176 $665,000 DUD. This is a lovely unit, it really is, but I think $665k is a stretch for Heritage Place. Definitely look at the unit if you have 600k+ in your budget, but I think this property is a well north of any DEAL status. PENDING well this unit may have been nicer inside than I thought 🙂
  • Parkview: 2 beds, 2 baths, 830 SF, faces park, MLS#19426849 $398,000 DUD Ground level in Parkview loses some of the ‘security value’ and privacy of the building, also equally well equipped units available on 2nd and 3rd floors for less money. That said first floor units have direct access to the street which has a convenience factor. Another positive note the first floor units have extra tall ceilings.
  • Parkview: 2 beds, 2 baths, 835 SF, faces park, MLS#19101364 $342,500 DEAL 6th floor unit overlooks park, balcony patio on units above the 3rd floor are smaller, but view is better on floors above the 4th. SOLD told ya so 😉