Columbia Palisades

This is a neighborhood master planned community that the City of Vancouver is working on for the east entrance to the city. Infrastructure improvements and the first phase of development are underway but build out is still well into the future. It is located at the site of the Fisher’s Quarry at 192nd Avenue and SR 14.

Stay tuned for continuing news updates on this exciting project.

  • Spring 2019 Single Family Homes lots begin selling on the cliff top above the Columbia Palisades Project.
  • 7/10/2019 Kirkland proposes 7 story condo project called “The Ledges at Columbia Palisades”
  • 1/20/2020 Senior Living company proposes 7 story mid-rise residential tower
  • 1/20/2020 Vancouver Clinic begins construction on first commercial building in Columbia Palisades.
  • 11/8/2020 Hurley Development submits master plan for the west side of the project.
  • 2021 Kirkland’s Ledges project reduced to 5 floors each
  • 5/21/2021 Romano proposed the Eleva a three building project with two 5 story apartment buildings