Latest Activity Report

This past week saw two pending sales, one closed and one new listing in Vancouver’s urban condo market.  That is a nice contrast to the +11 inventory that I reported last Monday.

Take note that the data on Vancouver’s urban market can have wild swings due as much to the smaller total inventory as actual market activity. The total inventory including all units for sale or not is only about a thousand so the data pool is pretty small. In general inventory for urban style condos is trending tight.

I have no real news about upcoming developments as the city agencies and most construction is on a COVID-19 pause. I would imagine that the new Kirkland Tower project will experience a delayed opening due tot he shut down, but hopefully the units will still be ready by this time next year or earlier. Kirkland Tower will feature 40 luxury units right on the water and will tap into the hotel services for homeowners. This is a unique arrangement here in Vancouver, although it is not a novel idea.

If we can get the virus locked down in the next 30 days and start to ease back into positive economic growth, we should see a robust return to prosperity. One local developer seems to be optimistic as the Columbian reported earlier today that Ryan Hurley and Ten Talents construction submitted a pre-app to the city for a companion office tower to the Hurley Tower completed earlier this year. Let’s hope this virus pandemic ends soon.

All Quiet on the Urban Front

The governor issued a stay at home order last week reversing his position from the previous week. Although it may turn out to be a wise decision it does lead us to some difficulty in transaction real estate. The initial order stayed realtors but exempted construction. The governor clarified the order a few days later and limited construction work to essential projects only but allowing real estate transactions some flexibility to operate. This is good news for buyers and sellers of real estate.

The urban condo market was very quiet this past week with one failed sale back on market at Shorewood and a new listing in Northwynd. With no new pending sales or closings, the week ends up at +2 inventory. Downtown had no change in inventory.

Inventory is still rather tight for those looking to be downtown but for those looking for an urban condo along the riverfront to the east, things are looking good from the buyer’s perspective. Northwynd is a series of townhouse style condominiums at Columbia Shores. This neighborhood features McMenemins on the Columbia and Beaches restaurant right on the Columbia River. Northwynd has a fair number of units listed right now and with a general slowdown in showing activity, sellers are likely to be anxious and willing to cut a deal to get sold.

Columbia Shores is less than a mile to the new waterfront and the drive or walk is short with no cross traffic or stop lights between the two neighborhoods. Just a lovely stroll or cruise along the riverfront park.

For people already living in Vancouver’s urban core you have the advantage of close proximity to a variety of restaurants and pubs that are still offering walk up take out or delivery so the urban living does still have its perks even in this COVID-19 lock-down environment we find ourselves in.

This is a good time for buyers to assert themselves as sellers may be more anxious due tot he uncertainty of the sales environment. Is this a 30 day deal or longer? Unknowns always tend to create anxiety in the market but savvy buyers can capitalize.