805 Broadway

  • Location: 805 Broadway
  • Use: Office Tower
  • Year: 1984
  • Type: Type One High-Rise
  • NRHP: N/A
805 Broadway, circa 2021 Taken from the 11th floor at Viewpoint Vancouvercenter 3.

This is Downtown’s tallest building. Its height is only locally surpassed by the tallest towers in the Terminal 2 grain facility at the Port of Vancouver. The roof height of this building is significantly shorter than the second tallest building Downtown, Smith Tower. But the architectural crown above the tenth floor adds roughly 20 feet of height which is just enough to edge out Smith for the title of tallest Downtown. This building also sits about 20 feet higher in elevation which exaggerates its height advantage when viewed from across the river.

This served as Vancouver’s largest office building for quite some time. The building features some 230,000 square feet of Class A office space on ten floors as well as another 20,000 square feet of retail and 100 subterranean parking spaces. The building has a nearly full block footprint, but the high-rise tower portion is roughly a half block in size.

This building also features very tall 12 foot plus ceilings on each of the ten floors and a rather spectacular lobby as well. The owner recently remodeled the lobby and expanded the retail space. Despite the structure closing in on 40 years of age, it remains one of the premier office towers in the city.

In 2021 the owner of the building submitted a plan to the CCRA to refinish the exterior in black. Although the CCRA had no authority to stop them, their negative input seems to have put the plan on hold. The lovely red brick facade is staying… for now.

With traditional office space becoming less common as some companies move to work from home models as well as flex space alternatives, this could remain the tallest office tower in Vancouver for quite some time. Most of the high-rise projects in the pipeline for Vancouver are residential and mixed use projects. The only other high-rise office towers working through permitting are two ten story towers significantly shorter than 805 Broadway. ZoomInfo has broken ground on their 10 story tower at Terminal one but it will only rise up about 120 feet in height, the other tower on Block 1 will come in at 130 feet. Both of these are well short this buildings stature.