Gramor Condo Tower: Block 16

There is very little information on the Condo development proposed for Block 16. It is planned as a 14 floor building with 80 units. Gramor Development has some architectural drawings up for the proposed condo tower on block 16. I have them here and they are available in greater detail on Gramor’s Waterfront website. This is a sharp looking building.

This  project appears to be one that Gramor may be looking for a partner or investor to get this started. The Waterfront has been a smashing success and the downtown condo market is fairly tight on inventory.

Rents in the waterfront apartment buildings are fetching 150%-250% of the local median rent. These units are filling up fast. Condos in this location would be a true premium product. This is the last block that fronts the water and only one other tower is featuring condos and that is Kirkland Tower, under construction now. Kirkland will feature 40 luxury units in a 12 story high rise. Condos on the 8th-11th floor at the 18 year old (2004), Viewpoint Vancouver Center fetch north of $1 million for a two bed unit in the 2200 SF range. That building is not on the waterfront! Kirkland units are starting at nearly $1 million and pushing towards $4 million for larger and higher units.

Update 9/13/2022: Rumors that Gramor is no longer planning this project are circulating around. There hasn’t been any meaningful chatter about this development being built for quite awhile. It is increasingly likely Block 16 may get sold to a developer for an entirely different project. It is currently serving as the staging area for Block 18, the Springs Living high rise next door.