Block 19 – Broadstone

This project is working its way through the permitting process. As proposed a 7 story building with two levels of parking above ground and 5 levels of apartments up top. It is expected to have 180 units. The south facing of the building will feature retail and tenant amenities. More information coming soon.

Update May 26th, 2022: With Block 17 nearing completion Block 19 should break ground soon. Alliance Vancouver is developing both blocks. Staging for this project will likely be done on Block 14 as it has for Block 17. Alliance trailers and equipment are already in place.

Update October 10, 2022: Initial construction is now underway. The forms are in place for the concrete base to support the tower crane that will soon be erected for this project.

Update December 3, 2022: Crane has been up and operating for a month now, base structure rising above the street.