Blocks 1 & 2: Office & Residential

Recently proposed 3 connected towers of 7, 9, and 12 stories on a 5 story podium of retail and parking, overlooking the waterfront on Block 2. 10 Story office tower on Block 1 also with a 5 story parking structure under the tower.

The CCRA is scheduled to review the proposal in January, 2022. Providing the CCRA has a favorable view of the project it has the potential to blitz through the permitting process as the Lincoln Group has recently pushed through another project on Terminal One.

More details coming soon.

Update 9/9/2022: Both blocks 1 and 2 have very little staging equipment. There is ample room on Block D at Terminal one to support the ZoomInfo towers there, so this project may start sooner than I expected since the lots are nearly clear of trailers and equipment for other projects.

Update 2/28/2022: The CCRA did their full design review for the project with a unanimous recommendation to the city council on February 17th.

Update 1/27/2022: Last week the CCRA took a look at this proposal with updated drawings and details about parking, and street facades, etc. In general the CCRA board members were highly favorable to this project. This was preliminary review, it will be pushed through the permitting process and likely appear before the board for a final thumbs up in the future. That would be sometime towards Q4 this year or perhaps Q1 next year.