Terminal 1

Terminal 1 and Downtown in 2009

Terminal One is the original Port of Vancouver terminal utilized when the Port Authority was created back in 1912. The dock and warehouse operation dates to the 19th century.

Master Plan Concept

Today Terminal One is the only one of the five Port of Vancouver terminals open to the public. Back in 1960 the Port of Vancouver decided to create public access by granting a lease for a Hotel / Restaurant operation that became known as the Inn at the Quay. It was operated by Red Lion hotels as recently as 2015. The Hotel complex has been mostly razed to make way for new development forthcoming.

The Port will need to rebuild the more than 100-year-old dock that the current Warehouse 23 restaurant sits on. The Port of Vancouver USA presented a master plan to the City of Vancouver which was approved in the summer of 2017.

The ultimate goal is to have a vibrant addition to the larger Waterfront development to the west. This $500 million plan includes an AC Marriot hotel which is under construction, and ultimately a public market in the vein of Seattle’s Pike Place. A video presentation of the concept is below.


Newer drawings below: Early drawings for Blocks A and C were presented to the CCRA  in 2020, they include a mixed use residential building and a mixed use office with a clever design that conceals parking in the back. Additional information on this latest development was presented in the CCRA meeting in December 2019. Discussions about the possibility of connecting the new waterfront gateway area with this Terminal One project via a sky bridge over the BNSF railway seemed to go over well with Port and City officials. The two projects on Blocks A and C would be separated by a lovey pedestrian plaza with steps up to a height high enough to see over the BNSF railway berm offering public views of Downtown and the Columbia River.

The AC Marriot hotel is underway with ground stabilization and prep work for the building that should start rising up this spring(2020). It is expected to be complete and operational by summer 2021 and will be the first new project completed on the $500 million redevelopment at terminal One.

IMG_0268Update 5-31-2021: The AC Marriot Hotel is nearly Topped out with the 7th floor assembly underway now. The photo at right shows the 6th floor under construction. The two towers scheduled for Blocks A and C are likely to break ground this fall according to reports from the Port of Vancouver.

Updated 6-14-21: The CCRA will review much more comprehensive design plans for the Block A and Block C development. This is looking like a spectacular project. The office building component will be on Block A at the corner of Columbia Street and Columbia Way. The 7 story 103′ office building will wrap around the corner following the gentle curve of the block. The 7 story Block C residential tower will be similar to other large residential mid-rises with a central courtyard on the third floor. The developer is applying for an MFTE tax 8 year abatement grant in exchange for public benefit and this project seems to have a pretty good public benefit proposition. We shall see how the CCRA and later the City Council move. I suspect that aside from some typical bureaucratic tweaks this should fly through. 

Updated 9/28/2021: An article in The Columbian reports that ZoomInfo, a publicly traded company based in Downtown Vancouver has signed a lease with to occupy the entire office tower in this project. 2025 is the target move in date. It also seems possible that the previous plans for one of the two towers to be residential may have changed. According to the aforementioned Columbian article, ZoomInfo appears to be interested in space in both towers. More information will likely be forthcoming. ZoomInfo is currently leasing space in Vancouver’s tallest office tower at 805 Broadway, with their name at the top of building.