Claro: Block 17

This project is moving through the permitting process and should have a ground breaking sometime this year. A Seattle area developer has hired Urban Architecture to handle the design. The structure is a full block project that will follow the pattern of several other proposed and recently completed buildings in the area. There will be a concrete podium structure with a two story garage in the rear and a tall lobby in the front. Up top will be five additional floors of wood framed apartments. The project as proposed will have 177 units.

This project is planned for Block 17 which is one of the back row and western blocks that support much taller structures. I was surprised to see a minimum density project proposed for this particular block. The Waterfront master plan has a density requirements including structures no shorter than six stories. The building will not be tall enough to see over any structures that go up in front it. Currently The Columbia, a seven story, 248 unit building is topped out on Block 20 to the immediate southwest of this project. Directly south on Block 18 are plans for a 12 story, 300 unit tower, and to the south east, Gramor has designs for a 14 story, condo tower on Block 16.

Perhaps the developer is planning on a more “affordable” style of project that will lend it self to lower rents. Of course lower rents in this part of town are by no means “affordable” for entry level earners, but having a development that can offer apartments at a lower cost than those right on the water will make the building rather attractive to those wanting the waterfront address but willing to forego the spectacular view.

We shall see how this one plays out as the project continues to weave its way through government review.

Update April 8th, 2021: Construction fencing is up around the full block perimeter. Site prep and grading is underway.

Update April 30th, 2021: Tower crane base installed.

Update October 25th, 2021: Wood framing above the concrete podium is underway.

Update January 24th, 2022: Building has been topped out for a couple months and is now entering latter phases of exterior construction.

Update May 26th, 2022: The building is now in the interior build out and should be complete by the end of the year or perhaps Q1, 2023. No word yet on leasing info.

Update October 10, 2022: This project is nearly complete and will likely be open in the next few weeks.

Update March 29, 2023: This project has been open since the holidays and is leasing well.