The Springs Living – Block 18

This proposal by a local senior living developer will occupy block 18 and feature a 12 story residential tower along with an assortment of facilities designed at aging in place. This is a recent proposal that seems to be receiving favorable attention in the local press as well as the city leaders and Gramor Development.

Not much else is public at the moment, but the Springs has several other developments in the Metro Area. The company has most properties in Oregon but also a few in Montana. This will be their first high rise development based on the properties they show on their website. Check their website here.

Update, 9/9/2022: The base for the tower crane is now in place. As soon as the concrete cures the rest of the crane will be assembled and we will see substantial work begin on the large subterranean garage. It may take six months before the project rises above street level. This is the largest excavation thus far on the waterfront and it may be the deepest in perhaps the whole city although the two block Vancouvercenter may have been deeper.

Update, 8-13-2022: Excavation is nearly complete. The entire site is now about 30 feet deep. Crane should be coming soon.

Update, 7/4/2022: Construction began a few months ago and the excavation is roughly halfway complete. A tower crane to support the project should be erected sometime this summer.

Update, 4/30/2021: In an April 21st KOIN 6 TV news interview, Barry Cain, CEO of Gramor Development indicated among other things, that The Springs Living should break ground on their 12 story tower sometime around the New Year suggesting a January 2022 start.

Update, 5/24/2021: A recent article in the Vancouver Business Journal confirms the comments made by Barry Cain last month. An early 2022 start and a mid 2024 completion for the project. More details were released along with updated architectural drawings showing a much more sleek design with a stepped height. This new render is spectacular and the building will be worthy of its location right on the water.

Update, 10/25/2021: The Springs Living website now has this project listed and is accepting inquiries from prospective buyers/tenants.

Update, 2-3-2022: There appears to be some prep activity on Block 18. Ground breaking could be eminent.

Update, 4/18/2022: It looks like they are underway at the Springs. Fencing is up, contractor trailer active.

Update, 5/26/2022: Escavation is underway. This project will have 3 levels of underground parking. A tower crane will likely go up by the end of the year.