The Trestle

The Trestle is a recently proposed CLT high rise slated for Block 14. This will be a condominium tower of 16 floors and should have favorable views as it will be taller than most of the structures in front of it. It’s location at the NW corner of the Waterfront will also provide excellent urban city views of Downtown Vancouver for those not facing the river.

Although Timberhouse is further along in the development process, this building would be even taller and thus supplant it as the the Tallest CLT building in the USA, unless some other tall timber building rises up elsewhere.

We are tracking this project and will keep you apprised of the status.

Updated 9-20-2020: According to Washington State records the limited liability company established for the Block 14 Trestle project was dissolved in July, 2020. This certainly may indicate that Kaiser + Path is abandoning the project but could also mean they are just delaying it and saw no need to continue an LLC with no project. I think Trestle might be dead.