Waterfront Block 11

Holland Partner Group is reportedly in contract on Block 11 at the Waterfront. This is the block currently used as temporary surface parking located immediately north of the the Block 12 restaurants. The block will not be available for development until the 8 story garage under construction on Block 7 is complete sometime next year (2024).

Holland submitted pre-application information for a project that will consume the entire block. There are two variants to the project something Holland has done before on other projects. There is a 12 story and 8 story versions. The twelve story version features 348 units, some retail/mixed use space and parking.

Holland is an expert had high density residential projects and is also based locally in Vancouver. These are preliminary drawings and of course could change dramatically.

This development was featured in a weekly post here. I will follow this development closely and report back with dated updates as progress is made.

Google Earth image with sketch-up models by Rod Sager. CS=construction start, UC=under construction