Price Reductions are Working

I am seeing price reductions across the condo spectrum and they seem to be working. Multiple units saw reductions quickly followed by accepted offers. Activity seems to be strong with good demand. Tidewater Cove had three units go pending last week and Meriwether at Columbia Shores saw two new listed units.

Vancouver continues to attract startup business including several in recent years that have gone public and become large. ZoomInfo is a notable example as they broke ground on their new twin high-rise project at Terminal One recently.

Kirkland Tower is now doing tours of completed and unsold units in their gleaming tower on the waterfront. That building has had its fair share of construction delays, but it is coming to gather nicely now. Several units have closed already according to county records.

photo from the The Columbian

In other news: Kirkland has released updated drawings for the Waterfront East development planned for the space east of the Interstate Bridge where Who Song and Larry’s restaurant is now. This is an impressive looking project and will involve the complete transformation of the Renaissance trail connecting Columbia Shores to the new Waterfront. Who Song and Larrys intends to operate during construction and will likely move into the new restaurant space upon completion.

I like this project a lot. I like that it has depth and step backs. It is a clean approach and will tidy up that ‘corner’ nicely.

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