Rod Sager, Broker, Realtor®

Why choose Rod Sager for the sale or purchase of an urban condo in Vancouver?

Urban Condos are a very special niche in Clark County. Even in our larger and more cosmopolitan neighbor to the south (Portland, OR) it is a niche. There is inherently more risk in urban condos and thus a Real Estate professional with a commitment to the local urban condo market is paramount to having the best outcome. Rod Sager underwrites and conducts the research to support this Urban Living site. His 20 years experience with hundreds of closings along with an in depth knowledge and understanding of Vancouver’s past, present, and future trends makes him the ideal candidate for your urban condo sale or purchase in Vancouver.

Rod Sager has specialized in view properties for many years, but more importantly he has focused on Downtown and the Waterfront in the last few years with a deep investment in research. He continuously conducts comprehensive studies on the urban condo market in Vancouver, WA. Much of his research is used in this Urban Living web space.

The value of an urban condo is greatly affected by current trends as well as future trends and potential for dramatic change in the immediate and surrounding area. Rod follows very closely the work of the Vancouver City Council and the various committees tasked with the work of developing the urban core. The City Center Redevelopment Authority (CCRA) meets regularly and plays a vital role in the direction of general development as well as the progress on specific projects that impact the area. Rod reads the proposals, reviews the architectural drawings, listens to the debate and discussion, and follows the Mayor and City Council decisions to keep his finger on the pulse of Downtown and Columbia Shores.

Urban condos, particularly those in mid-rise or high-rise buildings are very different products than a traditional suburban condo or single family homes. They are often facing neighborhood flux that is rarely seen in suburbia. This flux which is right now showing itself in the form of a rush of development is mostly positive. It can however lead to negatives for some existing units. Buyers should be cautious and use an experienced professional that understands the upcoming trends in development and details of projects that are in the pipeline.

Sellers certainly need the same level of care and knowledge from their listing agent. These same principles and market trends can play a very significant role in the outcome for the seller of an existing condo.

Rod’s listing program includes the following:

  • A home warranty covering the seller during listing and the buyer for 12 months after purchase.
  • Comprehensive print media advertising that targets urban condo buyers
  • Unmatched social media and internet exposure locally and nationally through Weichert’s amazing platform.
  • Top tier photography that brings buyers to the condo
  • A focused and targeted marketing campaign to bring top price for your unit

If you are interested in more information specific to your individual needs, contact Rod today. or 360-737-4600


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