Timberhouse: Block 3

Big Changes to Timberhouse! Timberhouse was an ambitious project proposed by Summit Development Group in Lake Oswego, Oregon. This building is slated to rise up on Block 3 just north of the Kirkland Tower and Indigo Hotel. What makes the building, “ambitious” is the use of cross laminated timber in a high-rise structure. If they get this thing built it will be the one of the tallest CLT structures in the United States. I also like the style of architecture as it has a classic feel. This is a mixed use building with 12 floors. The residential floors may be all apartments, or a mix of apartments and condos. 

Summit Development showed up October 15, 2020 for the City Center Redevelopment Authority meeting with a very different project for Block 3. Timberhouse was to be a 12 story multi-wing CLT building. CLT projects have been having some trouble lately and it seems Timberhouse was no exception. This project appears to be a more traditional project likely to be constructed with a 3-4 floor concrete and steel pedestal with 1-2 floors underground and then 5 more wood frame floors up top for a total of 8 above ground. Although the building is much shorter it will have only 24 fewer units as were planned in the Timberhouse project.

Of course the name Timberhouse loses its luster when the building isn’t actually a cross laminated timber structure, right? Yes, so now it’s dubbed “The Third.” We’ll see if that name sticks 🙂 But it should have little trouble sailing through the process since the Waterfront is a master-planned site and this structure is above the minimum density and should be well below the FAA height restrictions coming in at only 90 feet tall at the roofline.

Update 12/3/2022: Building is receiving final exterior work including the cladding, interior buildout should take the better part of a full year, this is a big building with 227 units.

Update 9/19/2022: Building is topped out. Crane should come down soon.

Update 8/24/2021 : Tower crane base is installed crane should be operating in a few days.

Update 7/3/2021 : Ground was broken a few weeks ago on this project. There will be a rather large dig out to support the underground portion of the project (2 stories of parking). I would expect a tower crane to be erected sometime in the next 4-6 weeks to support the project.

Update, 10/25/2021: Tower crane was erected last month, structure is starting to rise above street level.

Update, 2-4-2022: Superstructure is now well above street level.